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In our 30 years in Advanced Technology we have simultaneously worked with clients on projects big and small alike, across automotive, aerospace, defence and many other sectors. But all of our clients trust us because we are experts at what we do.


Whether it’s working with a large automotive OEM on a major hypercar launch or a small start up on a folding bike, we can bring that same knowledge and know how that is second to none and apply it in unusual combinations like no-one else can. Call it a Prodrive Spark.


It’s easier to take advantage of that experience than you might think. We have predefined packages of work in six specific areas mapped out that you can tap into.


With Prodrive Spark anyone can potentially tap in to Prodrive's collective knowledge, skills, services and facilities.

Start ups, such as Hummingbird bicycles, have benefited directly from our services to help improve their products or get them off the drawing board and into real life. Larger companies often use us to test proof of concepts and present them internally before going into full scale production. But because no two projects are alike, we put together teams on a bespoke basis to ensure we can help our clients move their unique ideas forward.


Below are six starting points that people often come to us for. Choose one to see how we might be able to help you.

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