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Extreme E: X44 Vida Carbon clinch the Extreme E title after a thrilling season finale

Lewis Hamilton’s X44 Team clinched the Extreme E title after a thrilling season finale in the Energy X-Prix in Uruguay.

Nine-times world rally champion Sebastien Loeb and Christina Gutierrez finished third in Punta del Este on Sunday to secure the championship by two points. The X44 team, run by Prodrive, had plenty to do as they headed into the final round of the championship carrying a 17-point deficit to RXR.

With Loeb having gained five bonus points for the fastest time of the weekend in the Continental Traction Challenge section of qualifying on Saturday, events left X44 needing a podium finish in the final while Rosberg’s RXR had to watch from the side-lines. After a thrilling battle in the final, X44 eventually took third place to secure the championship.

Speaking on twitter, Hamilton wrote “I am so blown away by this comeback after such a difficult day yesterday. The team rebuilding, staying positing (sic) and coming out fighting. Wow, I’m so proud of the team and these two amazing drivers.”

After narrowly missing out on title glory in Extreme E’s inaugural campaign, X44 Vida Carbon Racing entered Season 2 on a mission to win. Despite tough competition from RXR and some setbacks, they brilliantly delivered at the Uruguay Naturals Energy X Prix, to secure their maiden Extreme E Championship title.

The Extreme E championship has taken followers on a journey of discovery, to show first-hand how human actions are damaging the planet, racing electric vehicles in five remote locations that are already damaged or severely under threat of climate change.


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