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We have designed some of the most successful and innovative race and rally cars of all time.  Find out how we use the latest software and analysis to create them.


The design of each car starts with an in depth analysis of the regulations, particularly identifying areas where there may be flexibility in the rules we can exploit.  We benchmark our competitors and from this set targets for all the performance parameters eg weight, downforce and centre of gravity.  We create a master tracker for mass distribution and dynamic index and a master CAD model for a fully integrated design.


We use the latest software design tools to create a master CAD model of every car we create to ensure the optimisation of the vehicle architecture.


We use the latest FEA (Finite Element Analysis) on every component in the vehicle, long before it is ever made.  From the chassis to suspension arms each goes through an FEA process to ensure it is as light and strong as it can possibly be.


Many motorsport businesses rely on outside suppliers, who often supply a generic competition powertrain. We have our own poertrain design team who work closely with the car designers to ensure we create a bespoke unit, whether it be ICE, electric or hybrid, to optimise the overall package. We use the latest CFD, FEA and simulation tools to analyse and optimise every element from the flow of water through the cooling system to fatigue on the crankshaft, block and heads.


We have our own powerful in-house CFD analysis which can develop the overall aerodynamic and cooling packages for a vehicle.  However we still make use of windtunnels to verify our results or where specific projects demand.

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