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Prodrive has developed a particular specialism in the design and manufacturing of lightweight carbon composite bodywork and A class finish visual carbon trim.


We created all the bodywork for the McLaren P1 which included some of the largest and most complex panels found on any road car, and supply Lotus and Overfinch with most of their composite bodywork requirements   With our meticulous attention to detail we were even able to produce a full sets of visual carbon bodywork for the P1, where the precise lay up and alignment of the carbon weave was critical.


Visual carbon is becoming increasingly popular with many vehicle manufacturers and we have helped fulfil demands for visual carbon trim. As well as basic automotive trim design, we have mastered full visual carbon packs for limited editions in sports and luxury vehicle ranges, enabling our clients to increase their margins.   

Thanks to our patented fixing process, we have been able to bring down the cost of such trim components significantly. Alongside reducing costs for our clients, we have the technology to make the attachment to the vehicle a much simpler and quicker process.


The McLaren P1 is one of the most advanced hypercars ever created. McLaren Automotive turned to Prodrive Composites to create the lightweight bodywork and visual carbon interior for their car.   The car features some of the most complex geometry of any road car while the scale of some of the panels including the front and rear clams meant we had to develop special bonding processes to create these large structural components.  In addition to the 375 body sets ready for painting we also create 20 limited edition visual carbon body sets finished in clear and coloured lacquers.


We worked with Overfinch to create the painted and visual carbon bodywork and trim for its Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models.  We were fully integrated into Overfinch's supply chain providing finished, ready to fit components matching the company's build schedule.  The components use our own patented clip and fixing process ensuring every component is fitment is the same as the original OE components.  Read more about this process


We have created and manufacture the entire visual carbon pack for the Bentley Bentayga.  The pack includes 15 different parts including the rear spoiler, splitter, diffuser and shown here the airblade.  The airblade uses our patented clip and fixing process.  Read more about this process.

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