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48V DC-DC Converter


Prodrive has created the first 48V-12 V DC-DC converter that has been designed to meet the latest ISO21780 standard on 48V automotive systems.  With the dramatic projected growth in 48V systems, particularly to enable mild hybrid systems on cars,  it provides businesses with an efficient and cost-effective platform which is configurable to suit almost any application including CAN and FlexRay with multiple power options from 400W to 2.2kW. It can also provide the opportunity to downsize or remove the standard 12V battery.

The architecture of the unit can be modified to include additional digital inputs/outputs or to change the housing to suit a particular application in a vehicle, boat or aircraft.

Prodrive has used its extensive experience in power electronics, which includes the development of a multiport DC-DC converter using silicon carbide technology for electric and hybrid vehicles, to create this unit.


48V DC-DC Converter


-  CAN communication

-  2 digital inputs

-  1 digital output

-  Output current limit

-  Input over/under voltage protection


- Input voltage: 24V – 58V

- Output voltage: 9V – 16V (trimmable)

- Power: 1.8kW

- Ambient temp: -40˚C to +85˚C

- IP rating: IP67

48V DC-DC Converter
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