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Aston Martin Racing is a partnership between Aston Martin and Prodrive.  Motorsport is an integral part of Aston Martin's DNA, it's ingrained in its heritage, and the business uses its race programme throughout its marketing to differentiate the brand from its competitors, by proving its product's performance credentials on the track.


Since 2004, Prodrive has helped Aston Martin establish itself as one of the leading manufacturers in global sports car racing by winning numerous Le Mans and world sports car championship titles.  The Aston Martin Racing works programme is fully outsourced to Prodrive.  We are responsible for everything from the initial design and manufacture of the cars, to their preparation for each race and the running of the team in the FIA World Endurance Championship.  We even organise the hospitality for Aston Martin guests at races and run a full customer racing programme too.

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The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the most famous races in the world and the one every manufacturer aspires to win.  Prodrive has taken Aston Martin to Le Mans for 14 consecutive years and helped them win four Le Mans titles.

2007  Le Mans GT Champions

2008  Le Mans GT Champions

2014  Le Mans GTE Am Champions

2017  Le Mans GTE Pro Champions


Through the partnership with Prodrive, Aston Martin has secured numerous world championship titles, re-enforcing the brand's performance credentials.

2017  FIA WEC GTE Am Teams' & Drivers' champions

2016  FIA WEC GTE Pro Teams' & Drivers' champions

2014  FIA WEC GTE Am Drivers' champions

2013  FIA WEC GTE Am Drivers' champions

2009  Le Mans Series Teams' & Drivers' champions


In 2018, Aston Martin Racing started competing with the all new Vantage GTE.  The car was designed and developed from the ground up by Prodrive in conjunction with Aston Martin with the new Vantage road car as its base.  The 18 month development programme saw the racing car launched simultaneously with the new road car, demonstrating the importance Aston Martin places on motorsport to enhance the brand.

Find out more about we helped engineer this car by watching the video.


In 2016 Aston Martin launched an all new performance brand - AMR, derived from the initials of Aston Martin Racing.  The AMR range of cars was specifically developed to draw a direct link with the motorsport programme. The new AMR branding now appears on its Vantage racing cars and is replicated on the limited edition high performance AMR branded road cars.   


Aston Martin has experienced a dramatic growth of sales using the AMR brand to lead the way and in 2017 saw a record sales growth of 58% year-on-year to more than 5,000 vehicles.


In addition to the engineering and running of the Aston Martin Racing team, Prodrive also manages the VIP hospitality for the team sponsors and Aston Martin's guests at every race.  From invitations through to delivery of the service at the track.

At Le Mans for example, we oversee the construction of a three storey, purpose-built VIP hospitality unit, right next to the race track, which hosts up to 500 guests with gourmet food, drinks and live entertainment throughout the 24 hour race.


In addition to running the Aston Martin Racing works Vantage GTEs in the FIA World Championship, Prodrive also designs, builds and operates the Vantage GT3 and GT4 cars on behalf of private teams in national and regional series across the world.  In the last decade, Prodrive has made more than 200 customer cars, which have gone on to win numerous titles and helped broaden the reach of the Aston Martin brand.

In the last few years, Aston Martin customers have dominated the British GT championship, as well as winning the Asian & European Le Mans Series and Blancpain Endurance Series.

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