Prodrive’s DNA of challenging limits and driving innovation is principally shaped by our rich motorsport heritage and our experience of providing engineering solutions for some of the world’s leading brands.


In an effort to expand and continuously develop our portfolio, Prodrive Ventures’ remit is to seek out design-led, technological, innovative and disruptive propositions from any sector which our array of expertise can help to develop. We draw on our experience in engineering, manufacturing, materials, finance, marketing and much more to provide the capability, alternative perspective and to add value to a wide range of businesses and projects.


With our unique and flexible approach, Prodrive Ventures can adapt to the project requirements and seeks to integrate within your team. This mindset, coupled with the skills we have, ensures we can support with a wide scope of challenges ranging from taking initial ideas through to prototypes right up to product development and production.

For this reason, our interests not only lie in the project but also to future long term business success, manifested through equity, partnerships or licensing models. Prodrive Ventures looks to work alongside driven and exciting partners who have the same intentions and shared values.

So, to start your journey, contact the Prodrive Ventures team using the form at the bottom of the page.

To see how the principles of the above have been applied in practice, read about our latest project, Hummingbird.


So, how is a business renowned for innovation in motorsport able to help realise the world's lightest folding bike? The simple answer, by using Prodrive’s range of expertise from across the business to make it happen.


Using the following disciplines:

  • Product development

  • Testing

  • Frame production & bike assembly

  • Procurement & stock control

  • Business infrastructure support

  • Marketing content & e-commerce support

Hummingbird, has become the game-changer within a sector, which has seen no real innovation for over 30 years. After an initial fundraising period on the Kickstarter platform,  Hummingbird was introduced to Prodrive Ventures.   

Prodrive’s initial investment, in the form of engineering services, earned an equity share in the company and Prodrive continues to have an active involvement in the ongoing management of the business via Prodrive Ventures.

In addition, Prodrive Advanced Technology is the assembly partner with Prodrive Composites, the supplier of the carbon fibre frames. Prodrive Ventures together with their breadth of skills and experience have helped establish Hummingbird as a simple but design-led solution for the urban cyclist.


If you are interested in finding out how Prodrive Ventures can help bring your idea to market, please complete the form below and we will be back in touch with you as soon as we can.