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In the last 35 years, Prodrive has created some of the most iconic and important race and rally cars of all time.  Many of these cars have become highly desirable to collectors and so the market for ex-Prodrive works car has grown significantly.  We have created Prodrive Legends to give collectors and investors the opportunity to meticulously and faithfully restore these cars to their original glory and realise their potential.  We have the knowledge, the skills, the historical data and the resources to return the cars to their original state.

To find out more please contact:

Scott Melia 

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As we designed and made the original cars we have the knowledge, skills and experience to restore them back to their original glory


We offer an inspection service to verify the authenticity of an ex-Prodrive vehicle 



We offer a full rebuild service on the Aston Martin, Ferrari and Subaru engines we originally designed and built



Our promise is to return your car to the original condition it was in when we first built it.  So why use our restoration service?



No one knows the cars we built better than us.  We have the technical data and contacts allowing us to restore a car back to its original authentic condition.


Our Prodrive Legends operation is headed by Richard Thompson, a hugely experienced motorsport engineer who has worked with across many of Prodrive's programmes,  including running teams in FIA WRX and W2RC, as well as overseeing record breaking projects with our Subaru WR STI. Leading a team of highly experienced technicians, many of whom have been building Prodrive works car since the early 1990s, we have an unrivalled, intimate knowledge of Prodrive built cars.



Prodrive has the most comprehensive motorsport manufacturing facility in the world.  We employ the most skilled fabricators and bodyshell technicians and have a team of engine builders as well as an advanced engine dyno, which enables us to complete the restoration process from within our own facilities to the most rigorous standards.



At the end of 2020, Prodrive Legends completed the full restoration of the Impreza WRC chassis that Petter Solberg used to win the 2004 Japan Rally.  Prodrive Legends has paid meticulous attention to detail to ensure the car is precise in every way and just as Solberg drove it 18 years ago.



In 35 years of competition Prodrive has built several hundred works cars from the original Porsche to BMW race and race cars and Subaru Legacy and Impreza Group A and World Rally Cars.  Since originally being used by Prodrive works teams, many went into the hands of customers to compete in championships across the world.  We offer an inspection service which will verify the provenance of a car and will provide official certification of its authenticity.  Where it is available we can also provide copies of original documentation relating to the vehicle, as well as any history we have on that car during factory operations.

To be eligible for an inspection all cars must have the relevant documentation and original chassis plates in place.  For rally cars this would include the registration document, manufacturer plate and FIA gold book and roll cage sticker if applicable. For race cars all original chassis plates and technical passport if applicable

The cost is dependent on the vehicle so will be confirmed upon request. 

Preferably the car to be brought to Prodrive’s headquarters in Banbury, however we can travel to view the vehicle if the appropriate facilities are available and completion of the booking form is received in both cases.

To find out more please contact:

Scott Melia 


We have designed and built every Aston Martin race car from the first DBR9 to the latest Vantage GTE as well as the Ferrari 550 GTS Maranello.  All the engines for each of the cars were also designed and built by Prodrive and, as a result,  no one knows them better than us, with the same engineers who designed the original engines overseeing the rebuild process.

We offer a full rebuild service to zero mileage on every race engine, which includes a full performance test on our dyno.


The service covers:  DBR9 & DBR1-2 V12; DBRS9 V12; Vantage GTE V8; Vantage GT3 V12; Ferrari 550 GTS; Impreza WRC

To find out more please contact:

Scott Melia 

Engine rebuild


No one knows Aston Martin, Ferrari and Subaru engines like us.  We designed them, we built every one of them and we have the original engineers and all the technical data to return them to their original condition and performance.


Many of the very same engine build technicians that built the Ferrari, Aston Martin and Subaru engines, still work with the business today.  We have the knowledge and technical data to return them to their original condition.



Your engine will be rebuilt in the same workshop and by the same technicians that build the latest Aston Martin engines for the Vantage GTE and GT3 and will be performance tested by our engine engineers on the latest transient dynos to ensure they meet the original performance characteristics or the needs of the series the car may compete in.

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