We have been designing bespoke engines for our race and rally cars, as well as high performance engines for road cars.  Our performance powertrain capability means that we can create a bespoke design whether it be electric, hybrid or IC, make a prototype unit to complete a full validation programme using our own advanced transient dyno and manufacture the powertrain in our own facilities.


For more information on how we can help develop your next powertrain contact:

Oliver Wood    


We use the latest bespoke computer design and engine modelling tools to design each powertrain.  Our team of designers have worked on some of the most successful and innovative powertrains over the last two decades 


We use the latest dedicated powertrain simulation tools to optimise the efficiency and performance before a single component is manufactured.


We have one of the most advanced transient dynomometers in the UK.  The size and layout means it can be configured to run everything from high powered IC engines to electric and hybrid powertrains and full vehicle two and four wheel drivetrains.  The dyno has a capacity of 660 kW (880 bhp).


We have a team of skilled and highly experienced technicians who hand-assemble the most complex engines and powertrains.  We have the capability to build units in volumes in the tens or hundreds, with each being run on the dyno prior to delivery.



We helped Aston Martin develop the 800 bhp V12 engine for the Aston Martin Vulcan, a limited edition of just 24 track only cars.  We carried out the test and validation programme and then our skilled technicians hand built each engine.


We designed a bespoke two litre turbo engine for the Megane RX.  The engine was not based on a production unit rather designed to optimise the configuration and performance for the unqiue rallycross environment.


We helped Ford create its new Transit PHEV and built the first 27 pre-production vehicles which were used in real world trials for a year in London. The vehicle build included the dressing of the 1 litre Ford EcoBoost engine, used as a range extender, and the assembly of the hybrid powertrain.

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