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Once we have designed and created the car we carry out an extensive test and development programme both to optimise performance and to identify any reliability issues.


Prodrive has a highly skilled management team with decades of experience between them of running championship-winning race and rally teams.  At the outset of each programme we work with our customers to understand what it is they are looking to achieve and plan the championship accordingly before applying this to each individual race or rally. 


Today's world championships can involve more than a dozen events every two weeks in every corner of the globe.  This means transporting cars, equipment and a team of up to 100 people via land, sea and air.  We understand customs clearance procedures and international VAT regulations. Our experience of managing world championship programmes means we have the skills and physical resources to ensure your car always arrives on the start line at the right time with the best chance of winning.


The engineers, technicians and pit crew on a race or rally are the very same people who have designed and built the cars back in the factory,  They know the cars inside out and practice pit stops and rehearse system changes regularly through the season. 


The right driver line up is crucial.  We work with our customers to identify and secure the best driver line up, which not only optimises the performance on the track, but also the brand and marketing needs of your business.


Wherever we compete in the world, we have to build our 'home' from scratch.  A few days in advance of each event our team builds our paddock or service area with all the facilities and infrastructure necessary to run a seamless operation as if we were in our own workshop.  That means enough spare parts to completely rebuild a car; catering to feed to more than 100 team members and guests; air compressors to run tools; radio communications between the team and drivers; and high speed internet access. 


In order for us to build cars, often to very short notice, we need to have immediate access to every single part, literally from the nuts and bolts, to the engine and gearbox.  At our headquarters, we have a store which holds over 11,000 different parts and has the ability to distribute these to customers competing in our cars across the world.

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