5 April 2018


Monster Energy athlete Guerlain Chicherit and Prodrive have revealed the Mégane R.S. RX today at the ACF in Paris on the Place de la Concorde.  The new Supercar WRX is based on the Renault Mégane IV and has been designed from the ground up by Prodrive to the latest World RX regulations and features a bespoke engine and innovative features, including ‘in-board’ brakes, which have never been seen before.


Guerlain Chicherit, GC Kompetition team principal and driver, said: “The livery of the Megane R.S. RX really reflects where we’re trying to go with GCK on this project: Aggressive, daring, exposed and bold. It will certainly stand out and for all the right reasons! I’m really excited to see where the Mégane R.S RX will come out when the lights turn green in Barcelona. Personally, I’m more confident than ever going into an event, as Team Principal and driver of GCK and whilst debuting a brand new chassis & custom engine that has seen a lot of time and energy go into its innovative design. There’s a lot of work still to do, really, we’re still developing the Megane R.S RX but I can’t help but be excited! I have an awesome team in Prodrive and GCK around me to really push me, and hopefully the car, to the limits this season!”


“In my time at Prodrive, I have never seen so much excitement among our staff about a new car. The design team have thought about every aspect and introduced ideas never before seen in motorsport. I truly believe this is a game-changer in RX.”, John Gaw, Prodrive Motorsport Managing Director, added.




The Megane R.S. RX has been designed from the ground up specifically for the FIA World Rallycross championship (WRX) and features some unique and innovative features only found in this car.


Prodrive focussed on optimising the car for the WRX regulations in the three key areas: the powertrain; suspension and sub frame.  The design team created a master CAD model of the whole car for a fully integrated design and used comprehensive CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) analysis:  FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for safety and performance critical items; and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for the cars aerodynamics and engine cooling.


In order to create the desired vehicle architecture, multiple layouts were assessed and the primary parameters derived.  With the focus on centre of gravity and minimal unsprung mass, a longitudinal layout for the powertrain was chosen.  As a result, Prodrive decided to design a fully bespoke four cylinder, two litre turbo engine to avoid any compromises and optimise the drivetrain.  The entire engine and all the components were designed by the company’s engine team and built and dyno tested at its in-house engine facility.  With a bespoke engine came a bespoke five speed sequential longitudinal gearbox developed in conjunction with Xtrac.


Unlike all existing FIA rally and most top level rallycross supercars, the Megane R.S. RX has double wishbone suspension all round, as opposed to McPherson struts. This offers a significant camber gain improvement; a particular benefit in high speed corners.  The suspension concept also provides a reduction in both unsprung mass and mechanical friction, thus creating increased grip. Prodrive has also worked with Ohlins to develop a bespoke damper.


Having a bespoke longitudinal engine enabled Prodrive to introduce ‘in-board’ brakes on the Megane, with the brake caliper fixed to the gearbox on the front axle and to the differential on the rear axle.  This in turn allowed for an ultra-light upright assembly and unique lightweight wheel design, as it no longer needed to house the brakes.  These combined give the Megane R.S. RX an unsprung mass at each corner of less than 30kg, optimising traction.




Renault Megane RS five door bodyshell

Prodrive roll cage exceeding FIA standards

Composite panels, except for roof and driver’s door standard production car

Carbon composite rear wing designed in CFD




Prodrive 2 litre, four cylinder, direct injection

Garrett turbo with 45 mm restrictor (WRX regulations)

Prodrive anti-lag system (ALS)

Cosworth engine management system

Li-ion battery

Power ~600 bhp




Permanent four wheel drive

Bespoke Xtrac 5 speed sequential with floor mounted manual gear shift

Clutch: Alcon carbon/carbon triple plate

Front diff: Xtrac plated limited slip

Rear diff: Xtrac plated limited slip

Hand brake rear differential release




FIA 8862 seats with head protection and six point Takata harness

Prodrive designed pedal box

Lifeline fire extinguisher system

Prodrive wiring harness

ATL fuel tank and system




Front: Prodrive Ohlins double wishbone,

           4 way adjustable damper

Rear:  Prodrive Ohlins double wishbone

           4 way adjustable damper


Sportech electro/hydraulic power assisted steering rack




Front: Inboard Alcon 4 pot calipers and 300 mm discs      

Rear: Inboard Alcon 4 pot calipers and 300 mm discs


17” x 8” Prodrive/OZ Racing wheels


225/640-17 Dry / 210/635R17 Wet Cooper Tyres

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