We often get asked questions on the subjects below, so to save you having to fill in a form and contact us, please see if we can answer your query below.

Q:  I am looking for a work placement/internship/apprenticeship within your business.

A:  We do offer a very limited number of work placements at Prodrive and do get a very large number of enquiries for them.  If you are interested in this, please email:  For all other job enquiries please visit our Careers pages 

Q:  I would like advice about my Subaru road car.

A:  It is more than a decade since we created our last performance parts for Subaru road cars and we no longer provide parts or support.  The cars and the packs were sold through Subaru UK and we are unable to offer any advice on the technical details on these cars or confirm whether or not the vehicle has had a Prodrive modification.   We would suggest contacting one of the Subaru owners clubs or forums, as there are usually many people within these who have an in depth technical knowledge of the cars.

Q:  I would like to come on/arrange a tour of Prodrive

A: We are not offering tours for the foreseeable future due to Covid.

Q:  I am a charity and am looking for support

A:  We have nominated charities that we support, however we will consider other charity requests.  Please contact: