Prodrive has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of composites for applications in the aerospace sector, from visual carbon interiors for first class cabins in commercial aircraft, lightweight components for helicopters and drones, to structures for imaging satellites and even space exploration vehicles.  We have the capability to create aircraft  structures, fairings and flight surfaces.

At our 40,000 sq foot facilities in Milton Keynes our engineering and production teams can manage the whole process from design, through FEA analysis to the manufacture of patterns and moulds and the production of the components using the latest manufacturing processes.  We have multi-level clean rooms with rigorous filtration and air-lock entry, which allow us to meet all aerospace standards.  We have used this facility to create components for space exploration.

We specialise in visual carbon finishes. The same techniques we have used for luxury car manufacturers like Bentley and Aston Martin we have applied to aerospace components including first class cabin interiors for the Boeing 787.  Our attention to detail means we can hand lay up the pre-preg sheets to produce a perfect visual carbon weave finish for even the most discerning customers.

Our motorsport culture means we can turnaround projects to tight timescales.


  • Prototyping & production of components & assemblies

  • Component & tooling design

  • Monolithic and honeycomb or foam cored structures

  • Functional integration

  • CNC trimming of components

  • Laser scanning & reverse engineering

  • Product painting & lacquering

  • Lean manufacturing

  • Comprehensive purchase & supply chain management

  • Dedicated project management & engineering support


We manufactured the first class cabins for a leading airline for its fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

The cabins featured a visual carbon finish in close proximity to the passengers for a long period of time.  As a result an immaculate finish with zero defects was critical.  Particular attention was paid in the lay up process to ensure that the herringbone carbon weave lined up perfectly.


We manufactured a number of lightweight panels to carry imaging equipment for a satellite developed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

We have multi level clean rooms with airlocks enabling to manufacture components for space vehicles.

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