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At Prodrive, we have a particular skill: development of visual carbon finishes for vehicle interiors.  Here, the herringbone weave is in close proximity to the occupants, meaning the slightest imperfections will be instantly noticeable by discerning customers.  Our attention to detail in the laying up of the carbon and throughout the manufacturing process means we can achieve faultless full interiors. 

The traditional herringbone carbon weave can now be replaced with a range of patterns. Different coloured strands are added to create stylish finishes, giving designers new freedoms in interior design.  We can also add lacquers in any colour to produce vibrant finishes, or where weight is an issue, create lacquer free visual carbon finishes.  Today the the possibilities for carbon interiors are almost limitless.


We created the visual carbon interior for the Aston Martin Vulcan - a limited run of just 24 track only cars. Our motorsport division also developed the engine and drivetrain for the car too.


We worked with the design team at Bentley to help them develop the interior for the Mulliner Limited Edition.  We sourced a unique tessellated coloured carbon fibre  weave in three colours: Kingfisher, Bronze and Silver and used it to manufacture this impactful interior trim.


The McLaren P1 is one of the most advanced hypercars ever created. McLaren Automotive turned to Prodrive Composites to create the lightweight bodywork and visual carbon interior for their car which was finished without lacquer to reduce weight.   We also manufactured all the bodywork for the car too.

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