Prodrive Composites is the largest UK manufacturing operation using state of the art processing to deliver the highest quality parts made from autoclave cured pre-impregnated materials. This process is the highest performing, most reliable and best established within the composites industry today.

Our dedicated team has the skills and experience to offer a one stop solution with in house design & engineering, tooling solutions, prototype & first off manufacture leading into volume production.

  • Prototyping & production of components & assemblies

  • Component & tooling design

  • Monolithic and honeycomb or foam cored structures

  • Functional integration

  • Sustainable composites

  • CNC trimming of components

  • Laser scanning & reverse engineering

  • Product painting & lacquering

  • Lean manufacturing

  • Comprehensive purchase & supply chain management

  • Dedicated project management & engineering support


Our P2T (Primary to Tertiary) process enables the manufacture of recyclable composites with the potential to fulfil three or more useful lifetimes.  P2T composites do not require heat or pressure during manufacture, which means there is no need for an autoclave, reducing costs and enabling the scaling up of production without major investment.  We are also using natural fibres, such as flax, to replace traditional carbon fibres.


Our patented clip & fixing process allows for a fresh and cost effective approach to complex “B” surface features. Features normally added in a separate operation, such as clips, inserts or threaded fasteners are moulded directly on to the back of high quality composite interior or exterior panels. We produce a more cost-effective component with this method due to total inclusion of all fixing points and no additional bonding or machining qualification. 


We pride ourselves on our ability to produce flawless visual carbon finishes, these can be lacquered with clear or tinted systems, all painted within our dedicated facility. We achieve this through the meticulous attention to detail in the lay-up process to ensure exceptional ply alignments and weave orientations.


We not only source the finest material from around the globe but we can offer a bespoke supply of dedicated fabric woven to your specific design. Working to exacting standards we have been able to meet the expectations of OEM colour & trim teams. Our paint shop can match a specific pantone reference with options throughout the colour spectrum; our paint experts have the ability to create unique and innovative samples with volume components meeting all automotive test & environmental standards.


We have a dedicated paint shop enabling us to provide finished components ready for fitment.  We can colour match to our clients' specifications or finish components with a clear or coloured lacquer.


We have two large Belotti five axis mills which allow us to machine all our own patterns, and support tooling. We also have the capacity to machine trim and drill all our series production parts with a bed capable of handling up to 4m x 3m.

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Registered office: Prodrive Holdings Limited, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 4XD
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