Fast, precise and operating at levels of technical complexity beyond most other engineering firms, Prodrive is trusted by clients to deliver complex manufacturing solutions.

We have a breadth of capability under one roof that is unique, and working together we possess the ability to support your business with;


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Prodrive can turn your designs or concepts into quality manufacturing solutions. We leverage the experience of our engineers and technicians to quickly produce solutions that have embedded manufacturability.


Using a gateway approach to project management ensures we deliver solutions on time and on cost.



As a world leader in motorsport, Prodrive has developed unrivalled skill in rapid prototype development. We can take client programmes to the proof of concept stage far more quickly than a larger organisation.


We regularly use different types of 3D rapid prototyping to produce components to short timescales. These can be as intricate as a hydraulic manifold for an America's Cup yacht to full scale EV drive trains.



When projects require bespoke parts, we design, fabricate or machine them in-house. The latest multi tool, multi pallet, five axis mills and lathes allow us to produce prototype components and production parts. We have some of the most skilled technicians in the UK, indeed, our fabrication is so well regarded that we create components for leading Formula One teams.

Our high-level inspection capabilities, including coordinate measuring machines (CMM), Faro Arms, NDT and manual gauges, ensure we can meet the most exacting of standards.



Our certified level-8 clean room allows us to assemble complex electromechanical actuators.


Our facilities can be adapted for use across multiple sectors, for automotive, aerospace and marine applications, for example, hydraulic assemblies, valve blocks and control assemblies requiring clean production environments.


Prodrive has extensive experience in precision sub assembly. We have been responsible for sophisticated interior module systems found in the top of the range luxury vehicles of several OEMs.


Working within fine tolerances with excellent fit and finish we can guarantee appearance and noise (NVH) levels meeting certified parts quality for premium products.


Our capabilities allow us to carry out the whole design and development process, from fully working prototypes and pre-production modules to final assembly. 


We have been building electric and hybrid solutions for more than 15 years, including hydrogen fuel cell bikes, flywheel-based hybrids, DC-DC convertor demonstrator vehicles, and the first hybrid Transit van for Ford.

Our extensive in-house facilities include a high voltage laboratory, electrical harness build, and flexible space for dedicated assembly lines. These help turn ideas into full working prototypes, or proof of concept demonstrators in short timescales, ready for high volume manufacturing.


We develop and build vehicles to on-road standards from the outset, speeding up the development process.



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