Prodrive employs some of the most skilled and creative thinking engineers.  For more than 30 years, we've been developing some of the most technologically advanced championship winning race and rally cars, and for the last 20 years have been transferring these skills, technology and approach to other industry sectors including Defence.

We have carried out a number of UORs (Urgent Operational Requirements) for the MOD, including the most recent; the fitment of ballistic protection and gun mounts for close quarters defence systems on several Royal Navy ships including HMS Diamond.  Our motorsport-based approach means we are able to rapidly take original ideas to prototype and production using our own extensive in-house manufacturing facilities.  We are currently engaged in a number of defence projects including the Defence and Security Acclerator (DASA).


We have developed a new chassis/suspension system concept for military vehicles which require a paradigm shift in capability to meet future generation platform targets.  The project was completed in just 78 days. Engineering feasibility was determined, issues were identified and consideration was given to factors such as occupant comfort and hardware scalability. The level of robustness achieved in the modelling results was enough to justify the allocation of additional funding to progress the concept further. 


Prodrive has been working with the Royal Navy and BAE Systems to develop a ballistic protection system for Type 45 destroyers.  Prodrive has created the composite structure providing an effective and secure operating environment.  The urgent operational requirement was completed within a 10 week time frame and now we are fitting the system to various ships in the fleet.


We have been awarded funding by the UK Ministry of Defence via the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) department to develop an in-field temporary fortification structure to protect frontline ground troops. Existing systems have traditionally consisted of corrugated iron and sandbags to provide structural support and overhead protection. Our innovative solution will be rapidly deployable and employ the latest technologies to protect our soldiers.

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