Prodrive’s engineers are renowned for their chassis prototyping, design and tuning. Our experience enables us to produce cars with class leading ride and handling.


We work closely with tier one suppliers and vehicle manufacturers’ chassis teams on major base chassis design and development projects.


We were the first engineering consultancy to develop the principle of using active drivelines to enhance the handling of vehicles. In the last decade, we have applied our own Active Torque Dynamics ATD™ system to nearly 20 development vehicles, ranging from high performance front, rear and four wheel drive cars to SUVs and even a six-wheel 50 tonne off-highway truck.


We designed and developed a new rear independent suspension system from concept to production for a major vehicle manufacturer. Its application was on six new premium vehicles across two platforms.  As part of the project, we identified a tier one production partner and set up a resident engineering team at the client from the early concept phase. We also designed, sourced and manufactured the prototypes and supported the build of the mule vehicle at our client’s premises.


Our Active Torque Dynamics (ATD) system has been applied to more than 20 vehicles ranging from high performance front, rear and four-wheel cars to SUVs and even a CAT six wheeler off highway dumper truck.  Our ATD system was the forerunner to the now commonly termed 'Torque Vectoring'.

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