Prodrive is committed to encouraging more young people into a career in engineering.  Engineers are at the heart of not only our success and that of the British motorsport and technology industries but are also the bedrock behind the success of so many UK manufacturing companies.

Our business is a great way to showcase British engineering, which is why we offer schools, colleges and universities free tours of our facilities.  Here we look to show young people what engineering is all about; to enthuse them about the subject; and encourage them to choose courses that could ultimately enable them to pursue a career in the area.

If you would feel a visit to Prodrive might help your students, please visit our tours page here.



We are often asked 'How do I get a job in motorsport?'

There is no hard and fast rule or route into motorsport.  But having the right skills and qualifications is paramount.

If you want to be an engineer and either design or run the race and rally cars on events, then you will almost certainly need to get a suitable engineering degree.

If you want to be a technician who will build the cars and then be in the crew at events then you will need to have been to college or even university to gain the right qualifications.

The Motorsport Industry Association has produced a very helpful guide:

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