When I founded Prodrive in 1984, we were only a handful of staff running a small rally team for Porsche, housed in a business unit at Silverstone.

Little did I know then that today the business would grow into a world leading motorsport and technology business, which now employs more than 500 staff.
During those three decades we have run major motorsport programmes for some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and, in the process, won numerous World Rally Championships, touring cars series and sports car titles.
During the 1990s we realised that we had a wealth of skills that could be put to great use in the automotive sector and we began with some small projects transferring technology from our rally cars to a number of different vehicles.  As the demand for our skills grew, we created an automotive technology division with engineers dedicated to developing innovative technologies for the motor industry.
Today our technology division is working on projects for many of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturer as well as customers in the aerospace, defence and marine sectors. Indeed, today you are as likely to find one of our engineers working on the next generation of hybrid car, components for commercial aircraft or for space exploration vehicles, as you are refining the aerodynamics on one of our Aston Martin race cars or the chassis of the MINI World Rally Car.
However, wherever you look in the business, the one thing that remains constant is our motorsport ethos: the desire to win; the desire to find a better solution; and the desire to be the best at whatever we do.